Family Support


Each stroke survivor will go through a long and windy road to recovery. Family members can help their loved ones by providing support and encouragement, which can also shorten the survivors’ recovery time and regain their independence in lives.

Family plays a vital role in the recovery process. Generally speaking, family members should always (bare in mind/remember) :

  1. Stay calm and discuss different therapy options with the stroke survivor before taking action
  2. Seize the golden period for stroke rehabilitation and arrange therapy sessions for the patient as early as possible
  3. Support and reassure the patient when he/she feels like giving up
  4. Encourage the patient to maintain a diet that compliments with the rehabilitation therapy and remind the patient to take his/her medicine and have his follow-up treatment regularly
  5. The physical and communication abilities of the survivor may be affected by the stroke. Family members should always respect the patient and motivate them towards living a positive life. Yet, overprotection will result in over reliance and thus, hindering the survivor’s recovery
  6. Seek help from healthcare professionals or social workers