Golden Recovery Period


The first three months after the onset of the stroke is characterized as golden period for stroke rehabilitation. As long as the stroke survivor proactively engages in a series of therapeutic exercise, the physical disabilities caused by the stroke will be minimized. Stroke rehabilitation may even help some to return to normal and independent life.

Rehabilitation therapies generally include:

Physiotherapy: Therapeutic equipments, including elastic resistance bands, are used to help restore muscle functions in the stroke survivor. If muscle functions cannot be fully restored, the therapy will work on improving the patient’s mobility skills, such as using crutches as a tool to facilitate daily activities. Occupational therapy: teaches the stroke survivor to use sports and other facilitating equipments to aid in daily activities and regain the ability to re-enter the workforce Speech therapy: employs a series of trainings to improve the patient’s communication and language skills Please bear in mind: As long as the stroke survivor seizes the opportunity to receive treatments during the golden period for stroke rehabilitation,it is very likely to reverse the physical effects of the stroke.

Source: Prof. Chetwyn Chan