Golden 3 Hour


Stroke may cause different degrees of physical impairments to the survivor and also putting tremendous pressure on, both, the patients and their families. Yet, if the patient arrives at the hospital and receive the necessary treatment within three hours of experiencing stroke symptoms, this can reduce stroke-related disabilities.

Why is it critical to be treated within three hours?

A majority of the stroke occurrences is caused by a “brain attack,” where a blood clot blocks an artery or a blood vessel interrupting the blood flow in the brain. If the person receives an injection of blood clot dissolving agent within 3 hours after stroke onset, then the blockage in the vessel will dissolve enabling blood to pass through.

Therefore, rescues the brain cells before becoming damaged and minimizes the effects of stroke. Therefore, if we have noticed stroke symptoms on ourselves or on someone around us, we must take immediate rescue to reduce the effects of stroke.